"Awesome dentist. He actually met me at his office on a Sunday to help me deal with an abscessed tooth. I would highly recommend Dr. Z to anyone." - Herbert W.

"Throughout the years I have had a multitude of dentist do work on me, and every time they have had to go back and do minor alterations to correct my bite or I have had to just deal with it. Since I met Dr. Zimmerman, he has performed some great dental work when needed and when he is done the fit is perfect. I "HIGHLY" recommend him whenever I know someone who had problems with other dentist or need help. Thanks Dr. Z" - William B.

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Emergency Dentist Jacksonville FL

At Dr. Z Emergency Dentistry at the Smile Resort, we strive to keep our patients comfortable and free from injury or pain. We understand that most dental emergencies are unplanned. If your tooth has been damaged or you are in pain, call (904)-673-3398 right away so that we can schedule your appointment and treat the issue quickly. Our friendly staff will do our best to accommodate your schedule and ensure that you can get back to a life that is free from oral pain. While many dentists require you to schedule appointments far in advance, our staff will work with you in each situation to get you the necessary treatment right away. You can also help to avoid dental emergencies by receiving teeth cleanings twice a year and maintaining a healthy diet year-round.

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We provide emergency dentistry for the following:

• Toothache - Did you brush, rinse and floss and it still hurts.
• Tooth Knocked Out
• Gum/Tongue/Cheek Injuries - If bleeding will not stop.
• Broken/Loose Braces - Call your orthodontist immediately.
• Chipped/Broken Teeth - If the chip is significant or your tooth is cracked or your tooth is in pieces.
• Lost Filling/Crown
• Tooth Loose
• Abscess